Conversion-Links: Category page test, Social Proof Mistake, gefährliche Best Practices, Customer Lifecycle

  • E-commerce: Category page test increases order rates 20%
    Category pages play a key role in e-commerce, yet they are often left to the mercy of limited, if any, best practices and minimal testing.
    In today’s MarketingExperiments Blog post, we’re going to take a look at how the MECLABS research team tested a category page that led to a 20% increase in order rates.
  • Don’t Make This Social Proof Mistake
    Every marketer knows that social proof – showing that other people use your product, support your cause, etc. – is a powerful persuasion tool. It’s one of influence expert Robert Cialdini‘s six main principles, and may be the best-known and most-used of them all. But not all uses of social proof are equally effective.
  • Gefährliche Best Practices – wenn Ideen nicht zu Ende gedacht werden
    „Warum sollten wir eigene Optimierungsideen entwickeln und testen, wenn die Großen doch schon zeigen wie es geht? Wenn wir in unserem Shop einfach alles so machen wie Amazon und Zalando, dann kann die Conversion ja nur steigen!“ So oder so ähnlich wird das Thema Conversion Optimierung leider zu häufig angegangen.
  • What Conversion Rate Optimization Experts Often Forget About: The Customer Lifecycle
    Here are a few major points about conversion rate optimization that haven’t been widely addressed by CRO experts, along with what you can do today to get ahead of the curve.
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