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Conversion-Links: Das Geheimnis von Apples Produktseiten, Call to Action Beispiele, Landing Page Optimierung

  • Inspirierende Produktseiten – das Geheimnis der Apple Informationsarchitekten
    Immer wieder begegnen mir in meiner täglichen Arbeit Landingpages und Produktseiten. Schöne, innovative, verspielte, informative, aufgeräumte, reduzierte usw. doch wirklich selten gibt es wirklich inspirierende Produktdarstellungen. Aber warum ist das so und wie müssen inspirierende Seiten aufgebaut sein?
  • 21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs
    My plan was to review the all-time great copywriting controls and find the calls to action that made them so effective. After all, they were written by the historical greats. But I hadn’t read more than a handful of mailings when I discovered something interesting. All the CTAs were essentially the same.
  • Landing Page Optimization: How CRC Health transformed decision-making across 140 sites
    In this MarketingSherpa webinar replay, you will hear from Jon Ciampi, Vice President, Marketing, Business Development & Corporate Development, CRC Health Group. Ciampi and Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, discussed how Ciampi chose to engage in optimization and A/B testing. They discussed the results of this testing, which included a $500,000 profit increase in the first five months along with an astounding 14,000% increase in CTR for branded PPC ads.